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There are Various Types Sites

Web design is a fundamental part in the production and maintenance of your Web site. Maintain an Online presence and effectively building your site is much important, before going online. The term web-design is often used to describe:

  “The process of design relating to client side user base design
of website involving marking up”

Take a Simple Test! Think of anything you want to search, search it on Google, and click on the link that look relevant to your search. Now on the website how long it will take to find the information you are searching for, it was easy or it takes a lot of time? It was clearly designed that how to navigate from one section to another section?

If you find easily and fast what you was searching for than the website is well-designed, with usability in mind. Usability is characteristics which help the navigation of user very easy to handle when he use a website.

The design of the website is very necessary and fundamental because it affects on visitors how quickly he can get his required information. It would be frustrating if the visitor stuck in finding information or it get lots of his energy and time to get to his required information and he leaves your site and start using another site.




1) Informational Websites:

These are the most frequent type of website over the Web. These websites contain information about an organization or subject.

2) Community Websites:

These websites contain information and transaction related services and facilities. But mainly focus on interaction of visitors. Community websites mainly focus on a specific topic or person or encourage interaction between these persons.

3) Entertainment Websites:

The basic purpose of this website is to provide entertainment. This website contains games or videos.

Websites are also categorizing on their design and development like:

Static Websites:

The static website seems basic and it for small and medium size companies to deliver what their portfolio online. The static websites are primarily developed by simple HTML and CSS.

Dynamic Websites:

Dynamic website is that type of website that alter and adjust itself automatically. Dynamic website provides information according to the requirement of individual users.